Prodigal Sons & Daughters Youth Movement


Prodigal Sons & Daughters (PSD) aims to protect and prevent our children from following those bent on guiding them in the direction of crime, violence and all acts resulting in the deterioration of our community. We want to tap the resources and economic strengthens of the community to support our youth and adults, while re-establishing the ties of relationship between men, women and children (in the home) which rob us of the ability to succeed in the nature of a family unit.

PSD sets the example of how we should conduct ourselves, while understanding that the world cannot respect or accept us as an equal until we do so. We aim to become self-governing and self sufficient once the means are acquired; to rid ourselves of chemical abuse, prostitution, homelessness and illiteracy by taking full responsibility to utilize and qualify the people in our midst.

PSD wants to clean up and maintain the physical atmosphere of our environment whether we own the physical properties or not, since we're the ones that must live in them, and to raise an army of our young people, to be trained and qualified to undermine the negativeaspects of our community that promote self destruction. Lastly we aim to teach and show general respect, love and appreciation for all people and the peace that good deeds create between them while teaching and demonstrating self love, awareness and respect which is the power to achieve all things.


  • Life Skills

  • Mentoring

  • Internship

  • GED Prep Course

  • Community Green Initiative Project

  • Domestic Violence (Batterer’s Program)

  • Anger/Stress Management Program









Founded in 1989, Prodigal Son’s & Daughter’s mission is to provide support to all consumers in need of our re-direction services. We aim to prevent incarceration and recidivism by implementing our program model for all youth and adults who have encountered the criminal justice system.
Our re-direction services pride itself on providing the highest quality of excellence in counseling and consultation services possible for all consumers who access its service system for Mental/Behavioral Health Care and/or Substance Abuse prevention, intervention and treatment.
Our vision is to become a beacon of hope, and leading example for re-entering individuals, and disenfranchised communities that when one changes the way in which they think and behave the world around them begins to change.

Membership in Prodigal Sons & Daughters (PSD) is a positive and powerful alternative from the negative criminal lifestyle. PSD was created, governed and maintained for 21 years by formerly incarcerated individuals. Services are initiated through outreach activities such as speaking engagements, seminars, workshops, and community socials. Office walk-ins, phone consultations and direct referrals are a more common means of providing assistance.



On September 15, 2015 the company known, as Consumer Friends, Inc. became PSD Behavioral Healthcare Services, officially joining the ranks of programs under the umbrella of Prodigal Sons and Daughters Redirection Services, Inc..

CFI is a consortium of Licensed, Certified, professional, and Para-professional consultants dedicated to providing the highest quality of goods and services for personal healthcare and human services with over 30 years of experience and have been the exclusive professional treatment partner of PSD for many years. CFI founder Henry D. Muhammad Hamilton is a fraternal member of Prodigal Sons and Daughters.

The merger is a landmark one combining several unique expertise. Prodigal Sons and Daughters Redirection Services, Inc. is best known for the creation of a self-help system that has elevated and stabilized the lives of their members.

Henry Hamilton is one of many success stories, including the founder Dennis Porter, PSD President Robert Pearson, and Vice President Wahida Clark. PSD has been in existence for 27 years.

Our empathetic approach to counseling and treatment has given us the exclusive right to argue that we are best equipped to demonstrate how to rise above any condition.

PSD Behavioral Healthcare now expands the organization to include:


Prevention/Intervention Services

Individual, Group, Family, couple’s and Marriage Therapy

In-Home In-Community Counseling Services; Behavioral Assistance & Mentoring Services

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Specific Counseling Services

Assessment, Case Management & Referral Services

Mental Health Assessment & Psychiatric Evaluations

Drug Screening

Domestic Violence (Batterer’s Program)

Anger/Stress Management


Admissions are on a first come first served basis.

Eligibility Criteria:

Toddlers, Adolescence and Adults with Mental/Behavioral Health and/or Substance Abuse Related Disorders and the Worried Well.

All Mental Health and Substance Abuse services are based on American Society of Addictions Medicine Level of Care Criteria and DSM diagnosis.

Substance Abuse specific services are based on the Minnesota 12 Step model of treatment.


The recent achievements of the Prodigal Sons & Daughter Redirection Services can best be described as astounding. Their presence and works have sky rocked them on the Atlanta Georgia community and Business landscape like angels from heaven. Within a very short period of time (a few months) they have galvanized acceptance and support from some of Atlanta’s long-standing economic giants. Such as, The Philips Arena (home of the Atlanta Hawks) – The Georgia Dome (home of the Atlanta Falcons and other major venues) – Ted Turner Field (home of the Atlanta Braves) – The World Congress Center (Home of a multitude of Social, Political, National and international events).

The Prodigal Sons & Daughters have taken head on the challenges of helping to abate habitual homelessness in and around the great city of Atlanta Georgia. The prodigals have already opened 2 Residential homes in Atlanta and is currently pursuing the purchase of another building to be used in the struggle against drug and alcohol abuse and behavior health issues that accompany homelessness.

The Prodigal Sons & Daughters provide a life skills training course that addresses six primary skill sets, which are 1. Character Building 2. Communication 3. Conflict Resolution 4. Family Reorientation 5. Financial Literacy 6. Networking. The Prodigals (in Atlanta) have also opened a Staffing agency, (PSD Staffing) and is currently pursuing their first staffing contract. The Prodigals Staffing agency can be found at; (PSD Staffing. Com).

The Prodigal Sons & Daughters Redirection Services is a 501 (C3) not for Profit Organization that is committed to the upliftment of any and all people who can benefit from their services and commitments. But also, as with all non profits we need support and the kind contributions of the private and public sector to further our efforts in over coming the challenges that lie ahead in maintaining a structural foundation and successful future… If you wish to contribute by providing financial assistance or volunteer service you can contact the Prodigal Sons & Daughters online at www.prodigalsite.org or by phone 404 – 600-3628. We thank one and all for your concerns and precious time.

Prodigal Sons & Daughters Youth Movement

On any day, there are about 500,000 children and youth in our foster care system -through no fault of their own. And every year, more than 23,000 youth (18-21) age out of Foster Care in this country. Without help, they face incredible challenges. With all of us working together, this is a solvable social problem.

Prodigal Sons & Daughters in conjunction with PSD Job Corp Training Facility are committed to doing something about it . . . State by state with your help. In Atlanta, our 300-unit housing complex for Independent Living includes:

• Educational, vocational, and job readiness

• Health care planning and medical coverage

• Transportation, including assisting the youth in obtaining a driver’s license

• Money management

• Planning for housing

• Leadership development

• Enrichment activities

• Obtainment of personal documents . . . and more

With your charitable donation today, we can help combat and assist our youth to a better tomorrow.

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Below you can find information on how to contact us to apply for the program, or if you have questions on how to donate to the Prodigal Sons and Daughters Organization.

The Prodigal Sons & Daughters are interested in contracting with employers, parolees, at-risk adults and youth that are serious about a thorough and complete change, as well as being participants in the improvement of our communities. You must be willing to participate in such activities as a requirement for membership or to become mentors.





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